The Best Music Festivals in Europe

There are loads of different music festivals that happen throughout the year across Europe, particularly during the summer months, but which one should you go to? Which of these fantastic European music festivals is the best.

We will give you all the information you need about the top festivals in Europe, and then you can decide for yourself which one you absolutely must go to.

Bilbao BBK, Spain

Bilbao in Spain is a fantastic holiday destination at the best of times, but if you can combine your trip with a summer music festival then you are in for a memorable holiday. Be prepared for the heat with plenty of sunscreen, water, sun hats, and flip flops. The balmy evenings are the perfect finale to the show – and maybe you can continue the party into the small hours and watch the sun rise.

Roskilde, Denmark

At the end of June, this four day long festival held in Denmark features top names from around the world. Not only is this amazing festival one of the best in Europe, but it is also for charity. Festivals can be very expensive these days, so it is refreshing to discover that this one is not for the personal profits of the organisers, but actually benefits a selection of different good causes. Knowing that you are doing your bit for charity at the same time as partying and listening to the best bands in the world can be an awesome, positive experience.

Music Festival Europe

Exit, Serbia

Serbia may not be one of the first places that you would choose to go on holiday, but when you hear that just outside of Belgrade there will be icons like Liam Gallagher showing off their new material, then it is hard not to have your interest piqued. The festival is towards the beginning of July, and inside the amazing Petrovaradin Fortress. Serbia is full of intriguing culture, and in Belgrade, they like to party until the early hours. Your GBPs will go far there too, and flights are great value for money. One to look out for this year.

Sziget, Hungary

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a must see city. Sitting on the stunning Danube, the two sides Buda and Pest straddle either side. The beauty of this music festival though is that it takes place in the middle of the Danube, on an Island. There are camping facilities available on the island, or you can stay in the city and use the fantastic transport links to get you to the festival every day. This is a favourite amongst the artists and festival goers themselves, and one not to be missed.


Whichever festival you choose to go to this year, one of the great things about travelling abroad for your festival fun is that you get to experience a bit of the culture of the city you travel to. Don’t spend your entire time within the confines of the festival, but try to plan a few trips out so that you can make the most from your journey. For more tips and ideas, see our full festival guide.

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